Scratching at waterer


10 Years
Jul 31, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Hello all. Our 10 week RIR roo Fitz is scratching at his waterer like he does for food. Therefore, he likes to knock the ^&$*%^#^$#^% thing down and cause a mess every 10 minutes. Is it too high/low? Any other thoughgts?
Well, mine used to knock dish over, tried to stand in it, get dirt and shavings in it,etc...the usual young chicken stuff I guess.....I then raised the waterer on blocks. Better but not great either. Now I have hanging waterers. The suggestion is to have the water level approx same level as the chickens back. They have not managed to get any shavings into the hanging waterer but I change the water daily anyway. I recently got a nipple waterer too but as they have a choice, they seem to prefer to use the 1 gallon plastic water thing....
My pullets aren't bad about it, but my RIR roo also climbs or walks on EVERYTHING he can - and tips the water over in about 3 seconds flat.

I hang their water bucket on the fence - they still try to walk on it, or at least scratch dirt up in it, so it gets muddy but they have water all day long instead of dumping it out.
Can you put a heavy weight on top like a brick? And also how big it your waterer? I have a gallon waterer and it's hard to knock over a 5+ lb container if you're a chicken. They don't mess with it at all. Nor the feeder.
Hey all sorry for the late reply I haven't been able to get to my computer but thanks for the help. It's only a quart, there's only 2 using it right now...I thought about the weight on top idea...I might try that. It's generally not a problem outside but it's a nightmare in the coop. When ther final coop is finished I know there won't be food in there but I'm not sure about water...I feel like I should but I hate the mess!

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