Sears Roebuck and Co Model 228.7251 wooden incubator


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Jan 9, 2014
Sorry for all the pics, but I'm trying to locate a manual for this incubator. The only info I can make out on it is a metal tag that says Sears Roebuck and Co model number 228.7251 and a sticker that says David Bradley.The closest I can locate is a picture on in the 1951 Spring catalog that looks very similar, but the wording is to grainy to make out. I purchased it from an friends' elderly mother who passed away before being able to locate any paperwork. I also purchased 2 round metal Brower incubators at the same time. Any info at all would be absolutely wonderful! Thank you in advance if you're able to help!



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Nov 30, 2014
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If you search redwood tabletop incubator, I think you might get better results to match it up to... I don't know which bators Sears sold, so can't think of the original name to look for, sorry... dunno if you really need a manual though, looks like it needs a complete overhaul... there are some DIY threads for cabinet type bators you should be able to find the proper info you need in those... am on phone so I don't have links...

@WalnutHill didn't you gut and restore a similar one? Or can you direct to good links to help, please?

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