Sebastapol X Super Afrcian


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Dec 17, 2009
Rocky Point, NC
I have a male Sebbie that has mated with my Super African goose. She just started laying eggs. What kind of surprise can I expect if any of the eggs hatch? Also, will I still be able to tell the sex by color once they hatch?
What color is the Sebbie male ? I know they are usually white but some are colored, but if it is white, I'm still not sure kind of white Sebbies are. Since their are other colors, I think the whites would be recessive white masking one of the other colors like in White Chinese and White Africans, and in which case you would probably get grey colored offspring ( assuming the white is masking grey), but if they are the type of white that is in Embdens ( a combination of pied and dimorphism) then you should get white females and a light dilited grey/white color in the males. And since I bbelieve the curly frizzed feathers are recessive, you should get all smooth feathered goslings.
Hi RareRoo,
My Sebbie is pure white and the Super African is grayish brown? I have pictures of them although they are not up to date but it will give you and idea of the colors and style of the birds. These pictures were taken in the summer so they've grown since. The super african is a hatchery chick and the sebbie is from a friend that has sebbies. I hope this helps.


Ok well try asking around the Sebbie thread in the goose section if you haven't already and see what other breeders have gotten from cossing whites to other colors of sebbies or other breeds. Like I said, I haven't researched sebbirs to know what white they carry but if others have gotten all one color (most likely grey) when crossing them, then its recessive white, and if (depending on if the white was the mother or father) if they got either white or grey females and diluted males) then they would be pied/dimorphic like Embdens.
Thanks RareRoo. Understanding genetics is tricky. One of these days I will get the jist of it. Thank you for taking the time.

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