Sebright Chicks-help with genders please-Thank you!

Red Squirrel

6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
Burnsville, MN
They are 5 - 6 weeks old- Any guesses to their genders. There are no comb to speak of and no pink or red in that area. One does have a few bumps and they both have the little backward horn things. Thanks for your help and guesses.

That would be great if they are pullets as I cannot keep roos where I live. They are quiet attached to each other also. Hopefully nothing shows up later lol
Thanks for all the help-appreciate the feedback
I have 2 about the same age and both have red or peach combs so I vote pullets. Here are pics of mine I now believe are both roos.

Ahh Rhandi-YES
I can see the difference. Wow-they red up very early if they are boys. Good to know-Thanks so much for your input! Sebrights are a whole new breed for me. I have a 6 foot fence around my property-Should I clip one wing to make sure they don't fly over? Heard they fly very well.

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