Sebright hen has a crippled foot.


8 Years
May 24, 2011
Louisville Kentucky

I opened the coop this morning and my little sebright girl limp over to me. I picked her up and brought her in. I examined her foot it looked as if it where broken but upon further examination I'm not so convinced it is. She's behaving completely normal other than the limping. Her foot is just sort of curled up under her. Then later on tonight she curled up her other foot. I don't know if she's just doing that because she can or if there's something wrong with that foot too. She lets out a lil squawk if I make her put weight on the original injured foot but the other foot seems to be just fine other than curling it up. Also she has never had any problem in the past, so if any one may know what is wrong I'd appreciate the help.
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Could be a vitamin issue if you cant find an injury. If its a cracked bone you will need to keep her in dog crate to heal. It takes about 2 wks for a bone to heal. The vitamins will also help if its a break.
Just saw your post, and I honestly don't know what it could be......Generally speaking when the symptoms are vague you: isolate, give electrolytes and vitamins, food rich in protiens, warmth and TLC.
SOME possibilities include: fall from perch and/or injured spinal area, lack of vitamins / beat-up by some one, then there are the diseases......take it one step at a time for now.....How old is you cutie little girl?
I have heard that curled toes can be caused by a vitamin B2 deficiency. If she is behaving otherwise normally I think my first action would be to keep her seperate from the other chickens and give her vitamins....poly-vi-sol infant vitamin drops in her water. Watch her for a few days and see if she improves or displays new symptoms that may help you figure out what's wrong with her. Sorry I can't offer more advice. Good luck.

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