second attemp at hatching, still no luck


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Sep 24, 2012
I am on day 20 of my second attempt at hatching, nothing yet... i started with 4 eggs one had a blood ring so now down to 3 i candled them on day 18 before lock down and they were moving and later that night the eggs started wobbleing slightly and so far nothing since then... this is very frustrating if these guys dont hatch I dont understand what i'm doing wrong here.. my first attempt i had 2 eggs in, one was a quiter and the other one was fully developed but never hatched i gave it till day 24 and cracked it myself was fully developed just never hatched I dont get it... homemade styrofoam incubator temp @ 100 with slight variations humidity @ about 40% till lockdown then humidity @ 65%.. is something i'm doing wrong? any suggestions greatly appreciated...
You have another day or two. It isn't hatch time yet.
Also it is harder to hatch just two or three eggs because at lockdown you have to keep humidity consistent.
If not, they can shrink wrap.
I bet you get something in a day or two though.
i hope so i'm about ready to call it quits with the home made bator and just buy one.. the humidity has been pretty good I add water as needed through an air hole with a straw and it stays pretty good between 65 and 70%... just waiting and hoping for something..
Failure to hatch after developing can mean a lot of different things. Virility of the parent stock, orientation of chick after development, etc.
It is probably why somebody said, "don't count your chickens before they hatch."
So, hang in there, wait a couple more days, and I wish you tons of success with this hatch.
I understand completely. It takes a lot of experience to acquire knowledge.

We have all been where you are, so hang tough.

I used to hatch eggs in the classroom, and the last couple of days some kid would mess with the incubator, and they would all die. Grrrrrrr.
Be strong.

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