Second batch is outdoors!!


10 Years
Nov 18, 2009
Lugoff, SC
I have placed my second flock of chicks in the coop from the brooder 2 days ago. My first flock were killed by dogs on 4/30/10 ( 30 ten week old hens!) and on 5/1 I was at the nearby F&S where I found CHICKS!! 12 more came home with me and were brooded in my spare bedroom. They are now 6-8 weeks old - 3 BSL's are 8 wks and the rest (3 each of EE, RIR and BR) are 6 weeks, despite purchasing at the same time.

The cleaning of the coop from the previous flock was difficult and unpleasant but done quickly (about 1-2 hours). The biggest problem was that I built it only 5 feet high and it is on the ground. Back-friendly it is NOT!! It is also a very heavy coop, so to place it on blocks will be another difficult task but a necessary one.

Chickens are a lot of work when you have no experience w/ them!

The info gleaned from 6 months as a BYC'er (and 3 months as a lurker) have been invaluable. Proof is that ALL of my birds have survived my care so far, and are all quite healthy in all respects. Hope to have more positive news in the near future, and cannot wait to post pics of the girls, the coop and the first eggs of each!

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