Second Lieutenant DH!

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  1. DH is getting his commission. sort of a mixed bag of feelings, as this means he's reenlisting for another 4 years, and it means his job search will be even harder, but on the blessing side, it is something he's been working towards for a long time, and if he can find a job, it will mean more money for the family. He just came back from a deployment for a year, that was actually a pay cut... so, put us in your prayers, and hope that it all goes well!!!

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    Congratulations to your family and prayers too.
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    Prayers for you! Hubby has been going back and forth on crossing over to officer, we're enlisted right now. I just don't know if I could handle everything that comes with it! It takes a truly strong woman, with me in vet school full-time for the next almost 5 years and two kids the thought of him deploying scares me half to death! Congrats on the great acchomplishment though!!!
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    Prayers and congratulations!

  5. Awesome and a huge congratulations to all of you!! [​IMG]

    My DD just put in her Warrant Officer packet. Like you, as proud of her as I am, I know that it means another 4 years and possibly another deployment. She is a Reserve soldier as well...but at least being a WO will HELP her in her civilian job since she is an signal Intel analyst.
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    Thank you for his service, and best of luck to both of you!

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    Thank you for his service and congrats!!
  9. Thanks guys, the ceremony went well, and he's told the kids that they can call him 'Sir'... they decided they'd rather call him 'Dad' instead. He's feeling both proud and just kind of tired, it's been a lot, a LOT of work, and this promotion has sealed him in with the national guard for the forseeable future, effectively narrowing his choices for the future, but at the same time, promising some level of stability. he can count on one weekend a month, 2 weeks a year for the next 4 years, which is nice. I'm proud of him, and also a bit nervous about what the future will bring. I don't think i can handle another deployment... at least not anytime soon. He's only been home for a month....

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    Congratulations to your husband, and [​IMG] to you!

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