second time around


10 Years
Sep 30, 2009
Northern Illinois
We had chickens growing up, silver sebrights, gold sebrights, many colors of japanses bantams, black cochins, white cochins, birchen cochins, old english game, modern game,speckled sussex large fowl, salmon faverolle large fowl, buff cochin large fowl. My dad started the open poultry show at our county fair. After my sister and I graduated high school, our schedules and focus turn away from chickens. My dad stop running the open and 4-h shows at our county fair when it became more than he could handle. The gentleman that took over still runs the show today and does a wonderful job. Dad eventually sold all his birds. He stayed involved with the local poultry club, even though he had no birds. In the spring of 2008 my father decided to get back into chickens. I have 2 daughters 12 and 10, 2 sons 7 and 4.
My daughters help with chores(feeding, watering, cleaning cages) They showed last year at our county fair, we went to the Ohio National last year, where my daughters did showship, we did not show any birds, but my dad bought about 20 Serama bantams. We live in N IL, going to Kankakee on Sunday, selling Black Japs, Grey Japs, Rosecomb White Leghorn Bantams Single comb White Leghorn Bantams, and about 20 pairs of Seramas we have raised. Also Black Breasted Red Phoenix large fowl. Looking to buy Salmon Faverolle Bantams, Barred Cochin Large Fowl, Frizzzle cochin large Fowl.
from Arizona. OHhhhhhh dont just raise them. Build a bator. Let your kids hatch out some chicks. When their little faces are pressed against the glass screaming "come on chicky chick, you can do it, PUSH!!!!!!"
then you know you are addicted.
A soggy welcome from Western Washington
And I am glad you found the chicken bug again, me too.

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