Second Winter Need help


8 Years
Jul 2, 2011
IN corn state
Hello, it has been a while since i have posted anything at all on here, but here i go.

This is my hens second winter, now the first winter like all good little pullets they laid right through it, but now that this is their second winter they have yet to start laying after they molted. The days gotten shorter and the light is less. So i think i need to put a light in there, but i don't know what is the right amount of hours needed for light. Tips and advice are much needed. Thanks fro reading.
I leave the light on til about 8 pm It gets dark here about 6:30 right now.... this seems to be enough to keep them laying. Mine just finished moulting and now they're back to regular laying. Hope this helps.
14 hours is good, start light at 5am stop at 8am start at 5pm and stop at 8pm. depends where you are. i am in east texas and this is the time that works for us. probally need to adjust for your time zone

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