Security Questions: Locks, Latches and Hardware Cloth


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Alright, calling all experts!!

We're getting a coop this week finally, along with the
two chickens that need a new home--they've never had a run before

1. Could someone describe the types of latches you use?
We are going to use a key lock, since we do have coons. I've only seen roadkill but that's close enough for me!
I'm just not sure what type of latches are best, and we
definitely need to replace the slide bolts that are on there now with something better.

2. Run: We're going to put 1 foot of hardware cloth along the bottom and the rest with chicken wire. Is that
high enough?

Can the roof of the run be plain ol' chicken wire?
We have hawks and squirrels as well and (cute bunnies)

many thanks for any advice!!
Oh, I'm thinking of logging on here with multiple identities so
I can ask an infinite number of questions without penalty...just like my 4 and 6 yr olds, ha!!


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Apr 17, 2008
Poconos, PA
I have lockable hasps from Lowes. They work wonderfully.
A foot of hardware cloth should be fine. Make sure you bury it. I'm cementing mine :| Coyotes everywhere here.
Go for the cheap bird or deer netting. DH purchased 7ftx100ft for $40 and it did our whole run. Looks great and it's pretty sturdy.

Good luck!


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11 Years
Apr 7, 2008
San Francisco Bay Area
Here's the sort of thing I've done:


My understanding is that locking carabiners, like those shown above, keep even the most determined raccoon out. These big ones secure the main coop door, and two smaller carabiners secure the egg door and the pen door. I know I've had some opossum and other predators come by, but I've never had any indication of trouble.

I've heard from many people that chicken wire isn't sufficient for coop/pen walls or roofing, since raccoons can pry it apart.

Hope this helps.

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