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Chapel Farms
11 Years
Sep 13, 2008
Jemison, AL
We have been working really hard in the afternoons on our hen house and chicken run. The pictures do not show it being enclosed, but we are finally there!!!!



Today the crew got a chance to try out the hen house door. Poor things took a while to realize that is not a window!
They are four week old Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps.


Will post pictures of a more completed house tomorrow!

Well...., the next week and here we are NOW!!!

Finish the top, added windows and door.....


Here is the chick run. Just got the wire over the top yesterday.

Notice the hen boxes in the back and the overhang on the roof. Dearest thought it best if I don't have to gather the eggs from the inside of the hen house and if it's raining I don't get wet. (Just muddy)


Well, got to finish with sealing up the top and perhaps running 'hot' wire around the exterior (not sure with the kids around). I think I want the hubby to make a different hutch for the bunnies (see last photo), take that bunny cage inside for a brooder pen and then paint and put some cute signs!! Oh and the landscaping!!!! HURRY Mark (DH)!! We got to finish....the Clanton AL. Poultry show is in two weeks and no telling what we will find to bring home!!!!
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That's metal roofing material. Mine looks a lot like that, only red. I found it was WAY less money than shingling, and faster to install too--plus it's supposed to last longer.
Thats right...3' wide 26 gage metal roofing. It has a high rib in it that allows for overlapping. We just predrilled the holes for the screws to attach to the wood and it really only takes as fast as you can screw it down. That what my son on the roof is doing. No one will see the roof so we just went with unpainted second rated material...but just right for a hen house.

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