seed bead weaving

I just looked and most of my links are for bead supplies. Most of my technique information and patterns are from magazines and books. Usually, though, I just make stuff up.

Are you wanting to make 3 dimensional animals with peyote/gourd stitch? Or are you thinking about the flat weaves, with the animal pattern woven into it by using different colors of beads? Peyote/gourd stitch is good for both. There are other weaves you can use for flat weaving, but peyote is great for 3-D weaving. You can even make little bowls or cover bottles with it.

I like making animals and other figures with beads strung on wire, too. That's also kind of fun.

Edited to add that I have the Beader's Companion book, that shows some basic bead weaving stitches. I also have a lot of the magazines by Interweave Press, like Beadwork. They also publish a lot of books, plus they sell individual patterns on their web site.
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I would also recommend checking out some of the Japanese beading books. I know they're not written in English, but they're actually pretty easy to follow. I love the little 3D animals and figurines they make out of crystals and seed beads and such! I used to have a bunch of patterns on my old computer, but it crashed before I saved all my stuff

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