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May 27, 2008
i have a TON of flower seeds for swap...
looking for veggies and different flowers
thanks also lilac starts
ETA these are the seeds i have...
for get me nots
marigolds(different varietys)
bachelor buttons
i have more just have to dig them out....will post them also
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I have some seeds...I have baby's breath,red poppy & helichry sums....I'm looking for squash,gours or any vegtable....

I have these flower seeds available:

baptisia - purple, eventually forms a huge clump/bush-like
daylilies: Stella d'Oro Daylily - yellow
phlox, tall - lavendar (other colors available later)
rudbeckia - Black-eyed Susans
polemonium - Jacob's ladder
echinacea - pink, white
lychnis coronaria - rose campion - brilliant magenta (not related to rose)
heliopsis - yellow oxeye
centauria - blue
dianthus - Sweet Williams, mixed colors
scabiosa - blue pincushion flower
gaillardia - blanket flower
helenium - yellow/rust sneezeweed
monarda - various colors bee balm

Also several kinds of herb seeds:
anise hyssop

And I have lilac starts a-plenty (white and regular lavendar), if you just don't mind paying for the postage.

What flower seeds do you have, Scootersmom?

If it's easier, anyone interested can just PM me.
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I have some marigold and white radish seeds left, looking mainly for herb or vegetable seeds.
Woooo that Blue butterfly pea vine is made for my zone and is awesome. I would love to trade something for that. Okra, limas, wando peas, peppers. All kinds of peppers. Habaneros, mini bell(not many yet tho), some sort of really long red pepper, also got some tomatillo seeds. Only the tomatillos are from a packagae. Everything else is from my own home grown stock which was grown from seeds bought on ebay or fellow bloggers.
Lemme know!

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