seeping eggs and hatching in a plastic bag?


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My friend is incubating some eggs.

One of them started kind of seeping from its pores, so i searched and found an older post with the same situation which said to pitch it.

So, she pitched it.

But now she has another egg that has some "junk" on the outside of it. She's not sure if it was there before or if it "seeped" out, or if .....she's just not sure, and now she's a little paranoid.

So the question is.....if she puts the suspicious egg in a ziploc baggie (because she's afraid it might explode but not sure) will it still hatch if it's a good egg?
i would say no cause it would suffocate it but i really dont know... seeping eggs is not a good sign
Please tell her not to use a plastic bag! I can't see any good from that, in fact, quite the opposite. That will only incubate any bacteria. Just tell her to leave it alone till she candles it. If it is no good by then--pitch it! Otherwise, leave it alone.
Now I am assuming there is some "gunk" on the outside of the egg and it is not seeping?
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I would tell her to wipe the outside well with a dry cloth then put it back in the incubator, as far from other eggs as possible. The plastic bag would suffocate the embryo, if it's in there.

An hour or two later, she can check and see if there is more "gunk"--if it's seeping, there will probably be more. If not, there won't. Then have her candle as soon as she can to see what's going on inside.

Good luck to her!
Thank you all very much for your responses! It turns out this egg was bad, and it has been tossed - thankfully before it bombed all over the incubator. whew!

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