Selenium Toxicity, Broken Feathers

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    Does anyone have a source for good information on Selenium Toxicity in chickens?

    We had been feeding Naturwise layer and the birds all started to have issues over an extended period of time. By mid spring they all looked washed out and even the rooster was having broken and dull feathers. We had already upped the protein to 22% and more to provide for the feathers but it persisted. Mite population is negligable.

    Finally we started to think it might be the feed and so switched to a local source with low concentrations of selenium. All birds immediately molted and now look great. We are still waiting on eggs as it is the low time of year and they all molted at the same time! We have been informed that grains in chicken and other livestock feed are not tested for current levels of selenium when they are made, and selenium is always added. Due to high selenium in soils where the grains are grown there can be heavy concentrations in the feed.

    Are there any other BYC members that have heard of this?

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