Sellin the rest of my rabbits

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    Apr 25, 2008
    Corn, OK
    Howdy all! I've decided to get outta rabbits, at least for a bit. What I've got left: broke castor standard Rex buck, a castor Rex doe and a sandy colored Netherland Dwarf buck that someone dumped on my porch a while back, very friendly. The standard Rex's are pretty hard to find around where I live, anyway. Feel free to bargain with me, I might even do some tradin maybe. I've also got some OLD beat up cages that got banged up kinda bad when I moved a while back, the one I'm sellin's got three compartments, two little ones for adults and one big one for kits. Oh, and I also got a guinea pig, he loves to talk to ya (as in yell at ya LOL!)

    Rex's: $20

    Netherland Dwarf buck: $15

    Guinea pig: $10

    Old beat up cages: $10

    And again, feel free to bargain with me. Sorry I caint post pics of nothin, I have no camera to do such things with.
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