Selling chickens


Jul 8, 2022
I am looking into other ways to sell our chickens other than through craigslist and word of mouth, Do any of you have any recommendations? Thank you!
Butchered and packaged? Farmers markets, co-op type grocery stores, and restaurants with a local foods friendly chef. Also some places have co-opted CSAs that conglomerate local farmers products to create a diverse csa offering. Getting in with a group like that can be really successful.
Do you have a local farmer's market you can sell at? Or maybe team up with a local farm store that sells veggies and fruits, so they can offer fresh meat through you.
Local rules/law dependent....

I am a fan of the kids/HS sports booster discount cards.

A local business makes a donation/offers a discount service. The boosters consolidate all the offers on a card.

Those who want to support the teams, pay $10-20 for the card and get the discounts.

Might be an angle.
I thought it was illegal to sell meat without USDA certification?

For the live birds, we've had the most success with local FB chicken groups that allow selling, but they will have a list of words not to use since FB algorithm goes after animal sales.
I thought it was illegal to sell meat without USDA certification?
Lots of exemptions. As far as the Feds, crossing state lines and the size of your operations are important factors. For small operations State and local laws and regulations often govern. Or where you sell them, some farmers markets have pretty strict rules. Selling to restaurants sometimes add a layer of regulations.

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