Selling duck eggs?


5 Years
Mar 29, 2016
At the moment I am getting 12-16 eggs a week from my three Pekins and we just eat the duck eggs and sell the chicken eggs but I have 12 more ducklings that will producing eggs some day and I simply cant eat that many eggs! What in the world does one price duck eggs at? I live out in the country and chicken eggs don't sell for much as so many people have backyard chickens. Most that I know sell their chicken eggs at about $2 a dozen and normally have leftovers. I sell at $1.50 and never have leftovers. I don't even know that there is a market for duck eggs in my area, well, you can get them of you go to what my grandfather calls junk auctions (they sell everything: like leftovers that don't sell at the swap meet, live animals, eggs, baked goods or you name it). At such a place chicken eggs might sell for $1 a dozen one Saturday and $3 a dozen another and at times the Amish bring duck eggs but I haven't seen them for years and don't recall what they sell for.

Now, I advertise in the free papers once a month that I have chicken eggs and I was thinking about doing the same with my duck eggs. Maybe give away free samples with my chicken eggs? Anyway if my chicken eggs sell or $1.50 maybe $2.00 for my duck eggs? I'm not really looking to make anything off any of my eggs but rather pay for the cartons and maybe throw a little toward feed.

Thanks in advance.

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