Selling Eggs, I finally found a way to get rid of my surplus

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by LoneCowboy, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. LoneCowboy

    LoneCowboy Songster

    Aug 26, 2007
    Longmont, CO
    I'm finding that people just don't use as many eggs as they used too. I have people who buy from me only once every 2-3 weeks or even more. I had tons of eggs piling up in the fridge and I only get a max of 7 doz a week from the girls.

    Finally, I put signs out. I live on, what I call, an island of county inside the city. We have city all around us, but on our street, everybody lives on 1+ acres. All the city folks come down our street to show their kids farm animals. At the top of the street the guy raises show cows, horses and mini burros across the street etc.

    I put a sign at the top of the street, there are condos across the main street, and a sign in front of my house. Worked like a charm. Had about 5 people stop in. Also put an ad on Craigslist, and got 2 replies to that.

    Anyway, those of you trying to get rid of extra eggs should try this if you are in an area where that will work.
  2. Smitty's Farm

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    Aug 24, 2007
    St Clair County, Il
    Good morning, Lonecowboy! [​IMG] Congratulations on the egg sales.

    I need to do something soon. I gave away a dz to my neighbor & gave a way a dz to my broth inlaw yesterday, but my brother inlaws girl friend bought a dz. yea! [​IMG]

    I still haven't made the cassorole......maybe tonight.
  3. Farmer Kitty

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    Sep 18, 2007
    Congratulations on finding a good way to sell the eggs! [​IMG]

    I put a sign on our milkhouse door and the milk truck driver asked me if I was selling eggs. I said yes but, where we live on a dead end road "in the middle of nowhere" that I really didn't expect any sales and it didn't pay to put one out at the road. [​IMG]
  4. pipermark

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    Jan 26, 2007
    I hope the tax man doesn't come knocking on your door.
  5. Hawkster318

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    Sep 24, 2007
    North Freedom Wisconsin
    The local meat market here sells farm fresh eggs. I was there one morning when they sold out, so I asked if they buy eggs. My girls are making $.10/dozen more now then selling to the neighbors...
  6. LoneCowboy

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    Aug 26, 2007
    Longmont, CO
    Quote:Oh, thanks for that uplifting thought. [​IMG]
  7. LoneCowboy

    LoneCowboy Songster

    Aug 26, 2007
    Longmont, CO
    Quote:We'll sell to him too
    For a little more of course. [​IMG]
  8. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    Wow, I wish I could get some sold!! I have curently, 22 dozen in the fridge. [​IMG] I do take some to the local hardware store, they have a fridge in there and sell eggs for me. Unfortunately, not fast enough! People around here want me to almost GIVE them away at 1.00 a dozen. Well..I would rather feed them back to the chickens...which I am going to do next week. I am getting 2 dozen a day... Anyone need eggs!??
  9. CarriBrown

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    Good grief. I threaten my girls with life and limb and they still don't feel like laying! [​IMG]
  10. jc12551

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    Jan 8, 2008
    S.W. TN
    I was unable to find anyone to buy eggs from for a while. Then I found a lady selling them for $1 a dozen, bring your own carton. I couldn't believe that. I don't think that is enough (good for me of course). Then I found a guy who DELIVERS to my door for $3, carton included. Of course I give him his cartons back the next week to be nice. Now there is a guy on my way to my son's school that is doing $2 a dozen. Where are all these people coming from?

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