Selling Eggs?


6 Years
Mar 14, 2013
I now have 8 layers, eight 6 week old pullets and three 3 week old ducklings. I currently get more eggs than I need but in a couple months I'll have a lot more! I'm planning on selling eggs to the neighbors for $3.75 a dozen with to-thier-door delivery. I have typed up a flyer to distribute, made a business card prototype on vistaprint, got a listing on and have found a source of good egg cartons. I would deliver on Saturday only.
Egg Cartons-
Local Hens Listing-
Is this good?
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Looks like it! The best thing to do is to get your name out there (which it looks like you've taken care of) and letting it spread from there. Word of mouth is a strong thing, once someone hears you have eggs.

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