Selling Muscovy Eggs


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
I had 18 extra Muscovy eggs when the weekend came so i decided to put them in a box and take them to the auction since we were already going anyway. I also sold 2 single nest boxes i had sitting around.

The boxes came up first and sold for $4 each

then the eggs came up and sold for$19!!

was not so upset about the boxes after that, lol...i couldnt believe they sold for so much!

Really when i thought about it i could probably get more $ but it was just easier to unload them then, still suprised...pretty good for an auction i thought.
Im just having a chuckle to myself about labels on egg cartons you could have some fun with that.......

1 dozen fresh fertile eggs for eating
For health reason do not eat these eggs if you have incubated them for 35 days after purchase.

1 dozen muscovy eggs for eating only
"feed" them to your incubator for 35 days and see what happens.......
Just to let everyone know. The man that wrote the F&W regulation is reconsidering everything now that he has gotten more than 100,000 emails and 15,000 phone calls into his office since last Thursday. When this was proposed, all he knew about Muscovy's were that they were a nuisance to some Floridians and some other deep south places.

He had no idea that they were show birds and that people were so passionate about them. He is listening to US! And he is willing to go to F&W to have this revised. It might be turned around. Keep your fingers crossed.

I really hope so, since I have a breeding pair I am suppose to purchase soon and I have eggs that will be going into the incubator next week. I really would hate to have to defend them from the powers that be.

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