Selling price for eggs


5 Years
Apr 2, 2014
Hi all - I am finally getting eggs in good quantity and have a waiting list of people wanting to buy. I live in an urban area. I am Omega3 supplementing the chickens. Any recommendations on price range? Thanks!
In stores omega-3 rich, free range eggs are about 6 bucks a dozen. It's insane! I sell my organic, free range, as-little-gmo-as-possible eggs for 1.50 a dozen. Which is probably a rip off for me. :) I think 2.50 - 4.00 people would probably still buy.

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Out here in New Mexico, we are getting about $3.00 - $4.00 a dozen if you sell to farmers markets or health food stores.

Enjoy your egg sales! And welcome to our lfock!
Look around locally to get an idea of what people around you are selling for. Prices vary pretty wildly by area and by demand. Just be careful with using any of the organic labels or calling your eggs organic or NON-GMO, etc. Those are legal terms that you are only allowed to use if you meet those legal requirements and have those specific certifications.

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