Senior Project-Help and Advice Please....


8 Years
Jun 30, 2011
So the project needs to have 3 components, a product that has a min of 40hrs put into it, a presentation of 15 mins, and a portfolio.
This project is suppose to challenge your abilities and knowledge.
I wanted to do it on raising your own backyard chickens and how this enables you/family to know what is put into the chicken and how the chicken was treated(happy chicken).
Im new to raising chickens but I started with 2-4 month old chicks and for the project, I think starting from day old chicks would not challenge my knowledge because I did the chick thing already.
Therefore, I wanted to start with eggs and hatch them.
But I wanted my product to be the eggs produced by the chicken and the time period is Aug-March
The presentation I could do benefits, disadvantages, my experience, challenges, basic info on backyard chickens and fun facts...
Also, what would the best breed of chicken be to use for this project.

Thanks so much!
**Sorry for any spelling errors, its been a loonnnggg day lol
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