Separating breeds?

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8 Years
Apr 4, 2012
Troy, NY
Perhaps not breeds so much- but standard vs bantam. I currently have some Welsummers, Ameraucanas, and Silkies living in the same coop. I shut them in at night, and during the day they free range around the property (about two acres). I am going to be adding some more birds to my flock- including some little golden sebrights. Should I build a different coop to keep the bantams in? One of my Welsummers is a rooster and I'm worried that he's going to injure my silkies (and would definitely injure the Sebrights!) one of these days when he tries to mate with her.
Is it entirely useless to build a separate coop for the bantams if they're all going to free range together during the day? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you!
If they are free ranging during the day, a different coop might not make a difference. You could alternate which coop gets to free range each day though. A full size roo can injure a bantam hen if he tries to mate her, but if he has enough LF hens he may leave her alone, may being the key word. You could build a tractor type coop for the seabrights and just move it around the yard instead of free ranging them.
My experience it is best to have all large fowl flocks or all bantams flocks. However having said that I did raise some RIR chicks with some older bantam hens so that they could teach them the ways of the world but gave them as a gift to my parents once they were POL. A large fowl rooster is not a good idea with a small hen. He not only could hurt her but crush her and kill her.

Currently I am sporting an all bantam coop and love it. The birds lay cute little eggs, they live longer lives and they produce approximately 1/6 the amount of poop than production hens. My white Plymouth Rock Princess is a cute little laying machine. :p

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