Separating chicks in small incubator


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Oct 6, 2009

I am planning on incubating the same breed of chicken but from different people so when I start breeding I will not have inbred chickens.

It sounds crazy, but I would like to separate the two batches of eggs in the incubator, so when the chicks hatch they will stay separate and I can put them in different brooders.

Is there a way to put a divider in a small incubator with an egg turner or will I mess up the functionality of the machine?
You will need to remove the turner on day 18; at this time, you can put in a divider. I simply use a piece of cardboard, cut to fit (make sure you leave enough of a gap at the top for air circulation - like 1/2" or so).
You mark the eggs when you stick them in on the turner so you don't forget then when you remove the turner for lockdown you put a divider in it...we keep all of ours together but we band the chicks as they go to the brooder..different color for each group so they don't get mixed up.Otherwise someone would be sure to pick up the cute fuzzy butt and by accident stick it back in the wrong brooder and then your plan has a complication.

None of my breeding flocks are related so I understand..we have chicks from 2-3 flocks minimum and then cull from there.
Then as they get older we use number bands so I know each chicken and what it's doing...then those eggs are numbered and separated in the bator so I know each chicks parents.

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