Separating chicks in the incubator as they hatch

Long Last Farm

9 Years
Apr 30, 2010
Southern Tier, NY
Things are going well for my first hatch. It looks like I will get nineteen chicks, if all goes well.

I have some EE's,some New Hampshires, some Wellies, and cuckoo marans. How can I keep the eggs separate as the chicks hatch?
I have leg bands to mark them after I take them out of the incubator, but I'm wondering what to do to keep them separate as they hatch?

Any suggestions?
I have been using strawberry baskets to separate the eggs of different hens of the same breed.
Working on a color and I need to know what I am producing from each girl. Up to 3 eggs in each basket.
It takes up some incubator space, but if you need to know, you need to know.
Some people use lingerie bags, but the disinfection part seemed simpler with the plastic baskets.

Good Luck!

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