Separating ducks?

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    May 17, 2011
    I am new to this duck thing, I have worked in wildlife rehabilitation for a while now but we release.. so raising is new to me!

    Me and my husband have 3 ducks:
    Cheese- Female (Indian Runner) I believe..
    Scampers- Male Rouen.. who is a butthead
    Doodle Bug- baby Cayuga

    When I first got my ducks I got my ducklings I got Cheese and Quackers(a rouen runt).. He apparently had a weak heart and did not survive up to 3 weeks. it was heartbreaking.
    Cheese was VERY sad and it created a bond between me and her because before this she was very independent. So at 2-3weeks we got Scamper.. she took to him very well and started depending on him more then she has anything else, if we separate them for even a minute she screams and starts shaking.. he does FINE. He is now about.. a month old.. maybe a little less (has most of his feathers but still some fuzz)

    We play with them A LOT. They have a pin outside but we take them to the lake and swim with them, hold them, cuddle.. every day because I want them to be good pets.
    They are starting to grow distant with me and I guess it made me sad, me and my husband got a Cayuga duckling, "she" is amazing! I believe because she will grow up with us without the other ducks that she will bond more.. but my problem with her is that scampers is pecking at her.. when he sees her... he shakes uncontrollably and darts towards her and starts just tearing into her.. its not just.. a little peck here and there.. He is trying to kill her, but I dont understand why?

    Do you think one the cayuga is a full grown duck maybe they can house together? I am going to put her in diapers and let her be a house duck until she can house with them.. but I am scared [​IMG] also.. I am worried about Cheese and the way she depends on Scamper.. It really worries me because she is my baby,
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    Once she is full grown they will work out a "pecking order" and all should be fine. Especially if she really is a female- your male will want more females so he should accept her happily once they are all fully grown.

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