separating packing peanuts from keepers?


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My baby chicks ship out from Ideal this Wed the 10th. Anyone else?

I'm in the bay area and are really hoping that they all get here safe. I did order extra just in case though:D hopefully that will minimize the "packing peanutz".

Does anyone immediately separate the packing peanuts from the keepers? I have the ability to have two brooders set up if need be. I'm thinking once the chicks out grow the first brooder that i would separate them anyway into the second brooder. So was thinking about just separating them from day one. Any reason not too? This is my First time for chicks so i'm still learning a lot of stuff...I guess this is all dependent on weather or not i can even identify the extras anyway.

ps. just posted a bunch of pics on my coop build, check it out....
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I have chicks arriving at my PO on the 10th from Ideal. I called Ideal and they told me that since the weather was nicer I most likely wouldn't get any peanuts. But last year they sent me 19 peanuts(I ordered in Jan)...I didn't separate them until they were ready to go out into the grow out pen. Which at that point I had most of them sold since I didn't want them. I don't see a reason to separate because they aren't sick or have the ability to reproduce yet. Its pretty much up to you. Less to clean and change if they are all together.
ravencreek, Thats to hear. I'll hope for none. I have four different breeds coming and with my lack of chick experience I would hate to mis-identify the peanuts and end up selling off the ones I ordered. I know you can request no peanuts but I want them to ship however they see fit.

Thats also a good point. Two brooders to thanks. I'll leave them together.
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