Separating the hens and roos

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    Jun 23, 2009
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    My banties which were 5 this spring have blossomed to 29 by this fall. I've decided to put all the hens in 1 coop so I could easier gather eggs. Tired of hunting all over the barn and not finding any eggs, only to find 15 or so a week later in a new hiding place. I have a group of 14 banties that were all hatched from one clutch. The roos of this bunch have been vying for dominance and placement. Some are very good roosters, each escorting their hen or hens on daily foraging.

    So, I catch up 4 of the smallest and 1 of the 15 and into the new coop they go. The little ones LOVED it...started investigating, rooting and scratching. The two older ones started squawking and their respective roo's came a running. The roos ran around and around the pen, checking out every inch of the perimedter of the building. For the next couple of hours the roos would go back and forth between the rest of the flock and their imprisioned hens. obviously upset. After all chores were done the majority of the flock were roosted up in the barn rafters. The one red bantie who stayed next to that coop all afternoon.... slowly tentatively walked back towards the barn. Stopping, obviously torn between his desire to roost and his responsibility to take care of his gal. It touched me.

    This morning the first thing Nelson (the dom roo and leader of the flock, raced out to the hen coop...what a memory.... It really is quite amazing how responsible the little roos can be. I enjoy them alot. I now have the hard task of catching up the rest of the wayward hens...who free range and do not want to be caught. At night they all fly up to the top of the barn and roost in the rafters. Sheesh.

    Margot in Paw Paw, MI

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