Seperating Eggs By Type In Bator Durring Hatch

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  1. I am experimenting with a way to seperate eggs durring lockdown for identification purposes after hatch. I purchased two pkgs. of cooling racks from Dollar Tree...see pic. I bent two of them into a flat botto "U" shape with each side being 4 1/2" high. The two racks nest together and are secured with wire ties after being adjusted to the length that fits the incubator. Please look at the pic to see that i have modified the ends at the bottom to accomodate the curvature of the bator. I have modified the top of the ends by creating an indent 3" from the bottom to allow the bator cover to fit properly. I placed two cooling racks upside down on the floor of the incubator because I have determined that these help to keep the eggs from rolling around durring the hatch. With the U shaped divider centered in the incubator i am able to seperate the eggs when I set up for lockdown so the hatched chicks are seperated. The spacing on the bars is 1", the same as spacing on small size poultry wire. As i said this is an experiment, i'll make further posts as things progress. SEE FOLLOWUP NOTES BELOW


    [​IMG] FOLLOWUP NOTES..................While the concept is a good one, what actually happened was the hatched chicks squished thier way thru between the bars so they weren't seperated anyhow. The next time i try it i will cover the divider with 1" poultry wire, i think that will do better.
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    Cool idea! [​IMG]

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