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May 28, 2022
Hi everyone,

We sadly have a septic chicken who has egg yolk peritonitis. We took her to see an avian vet earlier this week, who pulled 300mL of fluid from her abdominal cavity and gave us 14 days worth of antibiotics/anti inflammatory meds. We've been trying to keep her out of the heat (been >90 °F this week). She doesn't appear to be getting better but doesn't seem to be getting worse. She is eating and drinking electrolytes. Is this a wait-and-see scenario? Is there something we could be doing that we aren't already? She gets 2 doses of meds per day, 12 hrs apart.
Sorry for your loss. In addition to her diagnosis of EYP, she must have had ascites (water belly,) which is caused by liver issues related to her main problem. She may have just been too far along in her disease to survive. Antibiotics and draining any fluid that has collected are just to try and extend the life. It is difficult to do a necropsy on your hen after death, but I have found that examining and taking pictures of the organs can help you learn and understand more about the conditions that affect our laying hens. Many die from reproductive disorders, EYP, cancer and ascites.

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