Septic joint.. Fractured..Eye drainage.. Help!


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Jun 5, 2019
I have posted an previous thread on my duck a few weeks ago. All the vets near me did not know what was happening with his foot.. one said bumblefoot the other said staph infection. However, today... We have an buzzard problem here where I live in my town. They're everywhere.. and I noticed they were crowding around my duck! I freaked out and brought him inside.. He had this soap bubble looking stuff coming from his eye. And I ultimately came to the choice to put him out of his misery. He is eating and drinking however, I do not want him to be beaten on or tore apart by buzzards. (They're the mean ones.. the black ones. They kill baby cows and such in fields.)

After an tearful goodbye, we took him on to the vet to do the hardest thing ever... She came and gave him some water and he drunk. She then said she will not put him down.. and did and xray.. come to find out it was not bumblefoot but an fractured foot. It is hot to the touch, and swelled up pretty big. She seen no fluid just scar tissue and explained it could go two ways.. He looks rough and I fear that I am not doing all that I can. I am giving him physical therapy.. but has anyone ever had an septic joint before? She explained he will be special needs and had an peg leg type thing...
Here's some pictures.


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Sorry about your duck. Is he being treated with antibiotics, and if so, what are they?The eye bubbles could be a sign of mycoplasma gallisepticum or MG. Symptoms may be treated with Baytril, Tylosin, and several others. The bone infection antibiotics would be up to your vet. Hopefully, he will get over the infection in his foot. I am not familiar with ducks, so hopefully, other duck people will chime in. Let us know how he gets along.

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