Serama Cockerel in need of a good home


6 Years
Feb 4, 2018
Lancashire, England
my little Serama has started coming of age and being the only survivor of a failed incubation could rather do with a good home with other chickens

He has been well looked after to the best of my ability and is of good health
Though it would always be best to have a vet give him a look over regardless just in case

He has grown up being handled from the day he hatched so is used to being carried around and pet without making too much of a fuss (though can be aggressive if you goad him)

this offer is open to anyone in the north west of england (preferably around Manchester)
I am not asking for any money though you will need to bring a suitable carrying cage.

This is the Serama in need of rehoming as of today (aged 3 months 4 days)

my number will be given in private message for anyone interested

(I am aware that raising chickens in an apartment is not a good thing for a chickens wellbeing. this was brought to my attention after hatching)

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