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Nov 7, 2008
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Hey fellow bator watchers!

I need a good reference for Serama eggs. I would really appreciate someone who has received eggs and hatched to send me a picture or two and the contact info of the folks who supplied them.

Thanks so much!

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We are on day 16 with our eggs. I will let you know in 5 days what happens. We have been very careful with this batch. Last year we only got 3 out of 14. This year we tried a different supplier and learned a lot in a year. We have 14 in the bator again.

Stay tuned !!


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Jun 15, 2008
Haven't hatched any yet but I put 37 serama eggs in the bator about 10 days ago from 4 people. 3 off ebay and one off eggbid. So far I have 100% developing on the eggs I got from seramasun and not bad on another batch off ebay. The 3rd ebay buy were all clears and upon breaking them earlier I found most with scrambled yolks (the person did not pack in a carton but individually in bubble wrap then in packing peanuts but otherwise loose in the box) and those that weren't scrambled look infertile. The ones off eggbid aren't doing great but better than that with only 2 clears but several blood rings already. The serama eggs have been veining differently than I'm used to seeing on other chicken eggs. They started out with a bright curved streak of blood that looked more like the start of a blood ring and then branched into veins. Some still look like they have blood rings despite seeing movement from the little dark chick dot so I'm not gonna call the others until they definitely show they aren't developing anymore. Pm me if you want the names and details on the rest of the sellers cause I'm not gonna bash someone over only 1 batch of eggs on a forum they aren't around to defend themselves .

Also all my serama eggs arrived with loose or damaged air cells and I've decided to keep them upright in cartons since I don't have a turner instead of laying them on the mesh for hand turning. Some air cells on developing eggs have reattached. I'm wondering if this could be part of the difficult with hatching shipped seramas. The air cells being much more likely to detach and float around. I would try to keep the serama eggs upright as much as possible while storing and when incubating. If you don't have a turner you can prop a carton up but in a still air you'll really have to watch the temp difference.

Remind me not to post at about 3am without having gotten enough sleep.
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Serama eggs ship very poorly. But most sellers will not tell you that.

If you get 25-30% hatched you should be happy and brag about it.

There is more scammers dealing Seramas that any other breed.

Probably cause Seramas attract lot of gullible people new to poultry.


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Mar 17, 2008
I just bought eggs from kbbeale on here and out of 11 eggs, I have 10 developing into the final stretch. For Serama eggs - that's pretty amazing. We're due to hatch on Wednesday. She has a Serama test hatch thread where all her testers had higher-than-average hatching on shipped eggs.


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I would recommend kbbeale
I recieved 12 perfect little serema test eggs from her and 8 of them hatched. All healthy as can be. She did an awesome packing job. If I wanted Serema's that is who I would get more from, no doubt.


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Oct 26, 2007
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Thank you guys. I really appreciate the kind words and recommendations.

All my girls have gone broody on me with the warmer weather we've been having. I should have some more eggs relatively soon. I have one person on my list to send some eggs to, but other than that, I have no waiting list as of yet.


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