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Jan 19, 2011
I recently got a couple Serama roosters and I have a couple questions about them. What grade are they? What is their color called? I hope you can tell from the pics,sorry they ar
e a little blurry. Thanks
The bird in the top pic shows to be good in type but big, the second cock is pretty fair but big, but you have to weigh them to know what class they are...they dont have recognized colors in seramas yet, but they are both beautiful that first bird
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I think the top guy looks good, but it's hard to tell if he's got squirrel tail or not without seeing him in person. The second looks like his tail is a little too low. I'd keep #1 for breeding. I agree, you'd have to weigh them to see which class they'd belong to.
Chests are a little low, but wings look good. Tails might be set a little low. I like the straight sickles on bird #1 better. They have the correct leg and earlobe color, and they both seem to be some kind of mottled duckwing. You can't see the combs from the pics, but they seem to be a decent size. If you get a scale, 12.8 oz - 19.2 oz is proper for adult males.
look at the last page of the cocopop thred and find the pic of Capt. cocopop . that little rooster has it all type color and size thats what you want in a roo. if you want to breed seramas . your frist roo is for sure your best just breed him to a real good hen thats small and you should get some decent birds to work with. good luck and have fun!
The Serama Council of North America, a Serama breed club, recognizes all of the different color descriptions that are recognized by the ABA.

There are still a lot of non recognized colors of Serama out there.

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