serious problems after pasty butt

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    I'm hoping someone can offer help as I am really stressing over one of my two Cuckoo Marans, which I got last September(2010) - I posted about this last year but got not response. If this is in the wrong category, please let me know - but it is an emergency in my mind!
    This hen was one of a pair who developed diarrhea that lasted longer than I had hoped. After following advice from the kind chickenlovers @BYC, that was resolved but her fluff feathers were a mess. She is extremely difficult to catch, but I did clean the poop off as best as I could. After about another month, it looked like the fluff feathers were coming loose, hanging down more every day. So I gently pulled to see what was happening and the WHOLE GLOB of her fluff feathers came out. She has been w/out butt feathers since December of last year; her skin is really red, looks like it would hurt like hell but doesn't seem to be bothering her. She continues to lay eggs, eats normally, ect., just has a very naked butt. The others are now beginning to attack her; she has chosen to isolated herself in a smaller run than the one the rest lounge in all day. They won't let her roost w/them at night. I am so sad for her, especially that her 'sister' Maran (they were inseparable) has deserted her for the Dark Side. She lives in fear/anxiety. I put the head bully in a separate pen, but think the others have learned her behavior; she joined them for a bit today, but they eventually turned on her and she went back to the other run.
    Please tell me what to do!!!!!!!

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    The others are probably sensing that something is wrong.
    Make sure that she does not have any mites or lice.
    As far as her bottom.
    Soak her in warm water with epsome salt for 5-10 min (Twice a day) then apply neosproin to the area that is red and raw. As far as the feather growth, several things can be happening.
    1. if the fluff or feathers were pulled and it was broken at the shaft (then the shaft is still left in the bird) and this means that they will not grow back in until she molts for the year.
    2. If they were pulled all the way out then it should only take 2 weeks or so for it to start to fro back in
    3. when the feathers start to grow in, the pin feathers are blood filled and attract the attention of the other birds and of the one affected too. This can lead to them or her Picking out the pin feathers and causing more injury...and if it goes on for a long period of time can lead to BALDNESS [​IMG]

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