Set 23 guinea eggs today in bator!


12 Years
Jul 10, 2007
Montana Country
Hi Guinea lovers!
It's been a while since I've posted any messages on BYC, so long that I didn't even realize BYC est. a forum page for guinea fowl only, cool!
Last year I hatched 35 out of 45 eggs purchased from two other members, sold all but 4, kept a male & 3 females. This year they are producing they're own fertile eggs and I've been collecting 3 a day for the past 8 days, cracked open one of the first collected eggs last night to check fertility and sure enough, "Patches" my pied male has been busy with his girls! I will probably collect 3 more today so I will put them in the bator too for a total of 26! They're trained to lay in the coop, (my chickens were good teachers
) sometimes on the floor but mostly in a box but they're always together. This is my first time to hatch eggs that came from my own flock and not purchased from someone else, it's exciting! I have two bators so I can continue collecting to start another run in two weeks.
Can't wait to see what they look like with the mixed colors. Patches is a Royal Purple Pied and my girls are 1 Buff Dundotte Pied, 1 Coral Blue, & a Pearl Gray.
I sell the keets to local ranchers here as we have a big problem with grasshoppers and my return should be good without the added cost of purchasing eggs this year, not to mention no stress on the eggs from shipping so the hatch should be good too!

I'll love hearing & sharing guinea stories with you all!

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Awesome! They will make a nice addition to the wide variety of birds you have now. Keep posting on your progress, I love hatching guineas, they're so easy! (and cute too!)
I'd love to try some ducks someday.

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