Set eggs on 5-17-2012. Day 3.


9 Years
Feb 5, 2010
Trenton, Florida
Anyone else out there on or about my date of setting eggs? I have 73 BO's already set & warming nicely. Did the first candling tonight. A few are a little iffy on fertilization but I will check back tomorrow or the next day. Seen only 3 with veins. The rest have that beautiful burnt orange glow ring to them. :)

I have had POOR hatch rates. Also had homemade incubators out of fish aquariums that I fought with. Believe that played a huge role with temp/humidity issues. Now working with 2 of the styrofoam ones (forgot name). Talk about easy! Have to turn them myself but I like that one on one.

Hatch date is June 6th or 7th. Praying for at least an 80% hatch rate.

Julie (My blog)

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