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Set up my LG 2days ago. Need help with two questions. from you pros. Please my first time

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by FLITZ, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. FLITZ

    FLITZ Chillin' With My Peeps

    Feb 9, 2012
    Thanks so much
    I set up my LG about two days ago I do not have turner for one LG (no fan)..where should I take the temp to set it up. I put a little piece of styrofoam in to keep the thermometers up to where the mid to top of the eggs will be. Should I set it up with the thermometers on the wire instead?.... Also I tried a few thermometers. Two I could put in a glass of ice water. One was a digital with a prob it read 32.5. The other was a aquarium glass one with the red stuff that moves up. it only has marks to 32 but the red moved down to where i assume the 30 would have been if marked. It was a little lower than the32 mark. ....When placed near each anywhere the aquarium therm always reads 2 lower than the digital. Its a 10-14$ dig. therm from petco that says for terrariums and reptile incubators. My other I couldnt calibrate.. One is plastic like with a dial for terrariums with a hyd. on it. It reads just under the glass therm. It seems to be 2.5-3 lower than the one that read ice water at 32.5 it is the kind with a needle and prob has the rolled up wire on the back but its cased in. How will i get the temp correct? If should i assume the one dig with prob that says ice water is near 32 is correct and just add two deg. for the glass one? Where should i put the therm. Setting up two LG one with a turner one without. With the turner I'm putting the probe just a little inside the egg turner hole. Is that too low. It isn't where a therm would be if sat on top an egg its lower

    1. where do i put the therms. when setting up. without a turner? on the wire or elevated to where mid egg would be?
    2. what therm to trust? digital with a wire coming from it/probe that reads 32.5 in ice water.. then cal. the other therms to that one?

    I figure I would try to get the temp set for 100 go off the dig/w wire and probe. Take the temp in only one place so not to drive myself crazy with it and hope for the best?

    PLEASE HELP i don't want to fail my first time
  2. The Chickeneer

    The Chickeneer ~A Morning's Crow~

    Well, put the therometors in iin two different places in the 'bator, one in the center, and one by the edge.Both thermometers should be on top of the eggs. Use that method with and without a turner.Remember not to put an egg in the cup next to the motor of the egg turner. Temp for a still air no fan 'bator should be from 100 to 102 but 101 degrees is preffered (fereinghiet).

    I always trust the mercury thermometer above the digital, although they both work good, because I use one of each in my bator. Remember that eggs are dense, so if you open the bator, they wont lose heat imediately, and and the thermometer only measures air temperature which seems to change all the time. So dont worry if the thermometer is one or two degrees off, the eggs internal temperature will remain relatively stable compared to air temp.

    Take in mind that the 'bator with the turner has a motor, and the motor produces heat. So you might not have to turn the little thermostat knob as much since the motor provides additional heat.

    Good luck with your hatch!! [​IMG]
  3. FLITZ

    FLITZ Chillin' With My Peeps

    Feb 9, 2012
    I'm still trying to get the temp correct but I have 5 more days to play with it. I THINK i know which thermometer to trust that i have. Last time i checked One LG just went up to 102 It has been around 98-99 I have no idea why the spike I have one plug in so i figure i would take it out and try to fine toon the temp like that. learn before my eggs go in

    The second LG is a pain.. I think i screwed up. I was holding an almost perfect temp then thought maybe ill try to get the temp up by just one..then it went to 105 walked away went back changed the themostat. came back and now its holding around 97-98 grrrr. I put both bators in a small closet.

    the temp seems hard to get. It would help out if the thermometers were all correct ! If im holding at a steady 98-99 according to my thermometer that could be off a little.. would that work.. or will i kill my eggs once they go in..

    The LG with no turner I put the thermometers elevated to where i assume the middle of the egg will be.. where it is . the temp was 98-99
    (closer to 99) then spiked to 102. should i just leave it alone see what happens with the temp.. or try to fine toon it and risk more headachs?

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