setting eggs in the "good days"

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    Jan 30, 2013
    So does setting eggs in the "good days" really make that much of a difference?

    I just cleaned out my homemade incubator after the first hatch and got 3 out of 6 to hatch and they are doing great and peeping their lil heads off and pooping their lil butts off. I wanna set more so I can replace my older girls this year and I'd like to know if it really matters that much as to whether you set them on days that they will hatch during the water signs as the almanac says? This last batch what set on a "good day" and I'd say 50% is great for a first time in a homemade incubator. Out of the ones that didn't hatch only one had a baby in it and it was dead but mostly formed. The other two either weren't fertilized or died so early on in development that they were really just rotten, smelly eggs. lol. Good thing one didn't explode.

    So whaddya y'all think from your experience, does it really matter to the hatch rate and development or anything if it's a "good day" or not?

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