Setting eggs today!! Newbie!


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Jul 15, 2010
So I got a Brinsea mini advance incubator and just received 5 fertile hatching eggs that I will be setting today. Anyone else setting? This is my first time hatching eggs and we are very excited. I followed the manual instructions and set the turning interval to 1 hour and turning "ANG" to 15. Wish me luck!
We were destined to be hatching together... we are all using a Brinsea (ECO 20 for me)... I also have 14 eggs in... and mine are LAVENDER bantam Ameraucanas (at least 8 of them are).

Happy Successful Hatching to all!
I have 2 blue Orpington and 3 blue splash marans. Also gave an egg from one of my other chickens to my broody silkie a few days ago (today is day 5) so we'll see what happens with that one, too!
I have six home hatched eggs from my sisters farm waiting to go in and I should have 3 Buff Orpington and 3 Ameracauna eggs once they have arrived I will be setting them in my incubator.
Bad news....our power went out last night (a transformer blew) and the incubator was without power for about 6 hours. I just plugged it in at my neighbor's house. I know this is not good - any idea how long eggs can last like this? Today is day 4 & incubator read 77.6 degrees when I plugged it in.

I am so bummed....especially bc we NEVER lose power!
I just joined BYC after reading it for weeks, I also set 18 mixed breed eggs on the 28th. I have a still air hovabator, temp ~ 100 (ranges from 99.6-100.5)at the top of the eggs.. should I increase it to stay closer to 100.5? looking forward to sharing this experience with you all
I would not give up, I have read of many things going wrong and still having a good hatch. My first hatch I had a temp spike of 110 and still got 11 out of 13 so dont give up just keep going. I have read that they can go to a low temp once and still be good.

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