Setting eggs tonight(march 8), some march 11-13 anyone with me.


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Roanoke Alabama
I'm planning on setting 11 Lav orp and 12 marans eggs from bargain and 6 of my own barred olive egger tonight and also 12 bantam lavender Ameraucana from lilameraucanamom and hopefully 25 cottage hill wheaten marans hopefully Friday. Is anyone with me?
I'll be setting 28 EE eggs from bargain tonight. I haven't hatched in a couple years and this is the first I've had more than a dozen at a time.
I have something Like 40 Chicken eggs coming in this week, hope to have them all in the incubator on Friday. Also have 40 or so coturnix eggs coming in the next month or two, so those will go in whenever I get them.
I'm excited!
Well, I'm a day off, but close. Set my broody on two leghorn/americauna crosses, two BRLW, and two Delewares. We'll see what happens! Good luck to everybody.
also a day off, but I am maxing out my LG still air in about and hour with 41 eggs I have collected from my girls. My Barred Rock Roo and my nicely colored Java Roo have been very active, so I think most of the 41 eggs are fertile. We will see. I have changed a few things, I have raised the temp from 99.5 to 101 and I have raise the bator up off the floor so I have more air flow. Last time I was 12 for 35....this time I am hoping for 30-32 or so out of the 41

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