setting hen abandoned hatching eggs


11 Years
Jun 21, 2008
I had to move my setting hen 3 days before the chicks were due to hatch. I kept her in the same nest box and 3 chicks hatched without problems on day 21. The next day the broody pen door was left open and other hens got into the nest. Mom moved the hatched chicks but left the other eggs. Mom was off the nest for about 8 hours. I moved her, the eggs and chicks to a more secure area. This was two days ago. This morning she had the chicks running around the pen and was not on the nest. I was going to remove the other eggs tonight because I thought they had died and that was why she was off the nest. This afternoon I went out to feed and found one new chick all dried but not with the others and one chick out of the egg but still wet , 2 chicks halfway out of their shells and 1 just pipping. The eggs were scattered around the pen. I brought the chicks and the rest of the eggs into the house and put them under a heat lamp. I have no thermometer or anything else needed to raise chicks. How can I measure the temp without a thermometer? What else can I do tonight to help them survive? Two have hatched completely and one has an air hole in the shell.
Have you gotten a thermometer? Have any more hatched? You need to know temp, so a thermometer is a must. Humidity is important as well. I keep mine at about 70% or so, to keep the membranes inside the egg moist.
:fl for you!

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