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    i don t know if this goes here but here i go i trying to find what breed of large standard chicken makes the best setting hen? and moma?
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    I've heard from a number of people that buff orpingtons make good broodies. I've only owned four buff orpingtons in the last twelve years (when I started doing the whole chicken hobby) myself and none of mine have ever gone broody, but I'm assuming based off everyone's testimonies that it's fairly common for them to do so!
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    Honestly, I think most non-hatchery breeds are. I have quite a few Araucanas that just began laying, and I've already got 3 broody girls. Same goes with my Ameraucanas - Out of only 6 girls who are also new at laying, I've got a broody. And then there's my Marans, too - They're also quite broody. Marans are a good choice for that, as they're a big breed (hens average 6-8 pounds) very quiet, lay gorgeous eggs, and are moderate to frequent setters.

    Course, this is all dependent on hatchery vs breeder stock. [​IMG]

    ( The reason in that being that hatcheries try their best to breed OUT broody hens, as they just want egg layers. )
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    Oct 16, 2009
    My Brahma hens have been excellent mommas and have gone broody very quickly after starting egg laying.

    Again they are big birds who can cover a lot of eggs.

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    Nov 25, 2008
    My Araucana pullets from this year have hatched me two batches each this year. It seems that the chicks turn two months the hens start laying again and two weeks later their broody. They make great moms.

    I also have a EE that hatched a batch of eggs and is busily raising them.

    I have two other barnyard mixs that are constantly broody but not great moms.

    I just had a barred rock pullet hatch a set and she is a really good mom.

    I have a friend who uses silkies to hatch his Araucana and BCM eggs.


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