I'll set some tomorrow after my ameracauna's lay. I currently have sold all the ones I've hatched and I don't have a current egg order so I'll be hatching the 5 I collected this weekend and the 2 or 3 laid tomorrow. Probably throw in a few meaty mixes too. So I won't be the 11th but I'll be right there with you.
Opps just got an egg order so I'll set a few meaties instead. Though I threw 2 EE's in this morning after your first post. I'll throw in a few more meat eggs. or australorps
been having a few temp changes after i set my eggs, only like 4 degrees. the weather is getting bad and the temp is dropping so i have been trying to regulate it other than that all is well i am going to candle mine on the 14th to see if i got anything happening but they are nice and cozy at 99.5 degrees with humity around 60. the humitity in my house is 68 and the temp in around 70-72 so that may be where my temp change on the incubator is comming from.. good luck everyone..
I have an LG also.

On the temp. I find if I want a nice stable incubator I have to run the heat enough to keep my house up to at least 69 degrees. Keep the LG away from windows and vents in a room that doesn't have an outside door that lets in blasts of cold air.

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