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    Jul 27, 2010
    Hello everyone,

    I have been coming to this site for about a year now and reading up on your different articles and some of the posts. Now for what it's worth I understand some of you .... well a lot of you have certain ideas about things. I am a do'er and I like to find the everyday stuff and make it work for what you need type setups. After raising my chickens for the past year I have been toying with the idea of building an incubator. My hens do hatch out chicks but the ,sometimes 3 month , turn around on the next batch is really killing my theories on using the stock as a meat replacement. Now I have gathered all the throw away water heaters, the plywood the cabinet shops didn't want, the hinges, and wiring from things around town. I have built something similar to the kuku incubator which in my opinion is a nice little setup. I have a few question which many people do there first time out.

    When you go to setup your heat source controller for the incubator are you setting it up to hold an average of 99-100 or exactly 99-100? What I mean is if the relay is triggering at 97.3 and again at 103.5 is this going to harm the incubation process because of the " swing "? There are many postings on this subject but no one has really broken it down to tell someone like me if it's an exact temperature or not.

    Next portion is the question about how to take the temperatures when setting your equipment up. Now I know everyone probably has different ways in setting up their box, but would I be wrong in measuring the stable temp in the incubator by using a meter in a half full glass of water to setup the temperatures for the box? You see my confusion comes into play when there is talk about the temperatures of the incubators weather measuring the air or the top of an egg. In my understanding of what I have read is that if you can keep the internal temperature of the egg at 100 your going to do alright.

    Last thing before I go how important is the egg placement once I am ready to put the eggs into the incubator. There are a lot of egg turners in use out there but I will probably never own one unless I can build it from scrap parts. The incubator I have built right now will hold about 50-60 eggs with room to spare once the questions above are answered I plan to move ahead and try it.

    Thanks for reading,

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