Sevin Dust in the nest boxes


12 Years
Sep 24, 2007
When cleaning out the nest boxes, do you sprinkle Sevin Dust all around the boxes and then put the hay on top, or do you sprinkle the dust on top of the hay to keep the mites under control? I haven't noticed any mites yet, but want to keep it at bay. Also would you recommend sprinkling this dust in their hen haus? Their flooring is all dirt and a mixture of hay. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I put it on the straw so it makes contact with the birds. You can also use a pinch of chewing snuff, its works well also. I also put 7 in the places where the birds dust themselves. Good luck..........ed.......Portland, IN........
Sevin should not be anywhere near your nest boxes, it can't come in contact with food. You can use Rotenone there, but if your not having problems I'd suggest nothing. Put DE or Rotenone in the area that your hens dust bath for prevention.
I've been using Die-no-mite pest strips,with great results.For 6 months so far no mites.I got them here
I use a shop vac cleaning out the nest boxes,cause my hens sure leave alot of dust in their,lol.I clean out them every couple of months.
I'd be careful using the Sevin in your coop floor/nest boxes.If you use some just put it where they dust bathe.

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