Sewer Pipe Waterer & Heater

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    Apr 14, 2009
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    I built this to keep my water from freezing inside the coop. We had 18 days of sub freezing weather last month. It worked fine. It can be made as long as you want, just add more lights. This one is 8" long, but i only have 1 Roo and 2 Hens. It screws to the coop wall with 2 screws. It has masonite side nd bottom, with 2x4 ends top rounded for 4" sewer pipe. It has a 15 watt bulb. Hope this may help someone on here.[​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]Thank You 4est

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    [​IMG] Very nice
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    [​IMG] LIKE IT! such innovation , If any one is still struggling with frozen water they have not been reading BYC . I have seen so many cool ideas on water heaters. I wish I had seen some of thees before I spent $$ on a store bought! Next time!!

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