Sex-Link Ducklings


11 Years
Mar 7, 2008
I'd like to cross a Black Cayuga and Khaki Campbell to make some sex-link ducklings and had some questions about the genetics involved.

If I have a black drake cross that came from a black male and chocolate female cross, then cross that black drake to Campbell hens, would I still have sex-linked offspring or would the chocolate genes the father carries get in the way of that?

What I'd like to do is the following:

black drake (black x chocolate cross) on a chocolate hen.

The end result is to be able to immediately separate out broilers and egg layers without having to wait.

I'll definitely be experimenting. It's just that all the ducks I want to experiment with are sort of a month old right now. We're looking at a six month long project - minimum. I don't have a problem with the time frame, but if I can find out an answer sooner it'd be helpful
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